We Heart Therapy

EP 63: Understanding Attachment Science, Bonding, Behavior & Emotions - Featuring EFT Trainer Andrea Pagani

February 14, 2021

Attachment Theory and Science is widely understood as the science of love and bonding, yet Attachment Science is so much more. Attachment science is actually a science of human behavior, emotion regulation, as well as bonding and love. Understanding how these come together provides the key to understanding humanity, what motivates people and why they do the things that they do. Join We Heart Therapy host Anabelle Bugatti, PhD, LMFT and Italian EFT Trainer Andrea Pagani, PhD, as they discuss the tenants of Attachment Science that govern humanity.

For more information on special guest Dr. Andrea Pagani and the Italian community for EFT in Rome and Northern Italy, visit: https://www.eftitaliacommunity.com/au... https://www.eftroma.com/didattica-1

For more information on your host, visit: https://www.drbugatti.com or https://www.lasvegasmarriagecounselin... or https://www.snveft.com

For more information on Emotionally Focused Therapy, visit: https://www.iceeft.com or https://www.drsuejohnson.com

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