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EP 56: EFT Talk: Seeding Attachment in Emotionally Focused Therapy - Featuring EFT Trainer Helene Igwebuike

July 5, 2020

In Emotionally Focused Therapy, EFT therapists have a phrase called "Seeding attachment" that specifically refers to the strategy in EFT of continually planting and growing the importance of bonding and relevance to attachment that occurs in relationships. As a therapist learning to use the model and methods of EFT, this video will help you better understand what is meant by Seeding attachment, and how to do this in session to help couples harvest safe and secure bonding.

Join We Heart Therapy host Dr. Anabelle Bugatti, LMFT/Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapists and EFT Trainer/Supervisor/Therapist and one of the founding members of the British Center for EFT, Helene Igwebuike on as they discuss Seeding attachment.

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