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EP 51: EFT Talk: Catching Bullets in Session with EFT - Featuring EFT Trainer Zoya Simakhodskaya

April 12, 2020

As a couples counselor or marriage therapist, it can be difficult to effectively intervene in session when your couple starts to escalate and one partner/spouse starts to turn and criticize, poke, jab, or verbally attack the other. In EFT, we call intervening on these moments as "catching a bullet".

Join your host Anabelle Bugatti Ph.D., LMFT for another episode of EFT Talk, with special guest Zoya Simakhodskaya, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist and EFT Trainer/Supervisor in NYC as they discuss how to intervene successfully in the moments.

For more information on EFT, visit: https://www.ICEEFT.com or http://www.DrSueJohnson.com

For more information on EFT Trainer Dr. Zoya Simakhodskaya, PhD, visit: http://www.drzoya.com or http://www.nyceft.com

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