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EP 48: EFT Talk: Learning EFT & The Developing EFT Therapist - Featuring EFT Trainer Elana Katz

February 19, 2020

Learning Emotionally Focused Therapy is exciting, life-changing and practice revolutionizing. Learning the model can seem simple, but as many therapists learn, it's a lot more complex than it first seems. Staying on the journey and becoming a certified EFT Therapist is well worth it, and is one of the best ways to become an amazing therapist. 

Join We Heart Therapy host Anabelle Bugatti, Ph.D., LMFT, and EFT Trainer Elana Katz as they discuss learning EFT and the developing EFT Therapist.

For more information on learning EFT, visit: https://www.ICEEFT.com and https://www.drsuejohnson.com

For more information on Elana Katz, visit: https://www.elanakatz.org/ | email Elana at: elanakatz@gmail.com | The Ackerman Institute: https://www.ackerman.org/faculty/elan...

For more information on your host visit: https://www.WeHeartTherapy.com | https://www.LasVegasMarriageCounselin... | https://www.snveft.com

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