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EP 45: EFT Talk: Explaining Emotional & Attachment Needs in EFT — Featuring EFT Trainer Kenny Sanderfer

December 12, 2019

As a therapist using Emotionally Focused Therapy, sometimes it can be hard to explain things to clients in a way that really reaches them. Explaining emotional needs and attachment needs, especially to clients that are withdrawers can be one of those hard to explain concepts. Join We Heart Therapy host EFT Certified Supervisor and Therapist Anabelle Bugatti, PhD, LMFT and EFT Trainer Kenny Sanderfer, also known as the "withdrawer whisperer" as they discuss how to explain emotional and attachment needs to clients.

For more information on EFT, visit: http://www.ICEEFT.com or http://www.drsuejohnson.com

Kenny Sanderfer is the founder and director of EFT Tennessee, Nashville's center for training in Emotionally Focused Therapy. He provides EFT supervision for therapists pursuing EFT certification. He recently co-authored a book with Dr. Sue Johnson, Created for Connection: The Hold Me Tight Guide for Christian Couples. For more information on Kenny or EFT in TN, visit: https://www.marriagefamilyinstitute.org

For more information on your host Anabelle Bugatti PhD, LMFT, visit: https://www.lasvegasmarriagecounselin... https://www.WeHeartTherapy.com or https://www.snveft.com

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