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EP 35: EFT Talk: Competing Attachment in Romantic Relationships — Featuring Scott Woolley & Rebecca Jorgensen

September 30, 2019

Join your host Anabelle Bugatti PhD, LMFT and EFT Trainers Scott Woolley, PhD and Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD for this very special edition of EFT Talk discussing competing attachment in romantic relationships. Competing attachment is anything a partner turns to outside of the relationship for comfort/soothing/escape or to meet their emotional or attachment needs that is not their partner. This happens to the degree that the other partner in the relationship feels like they are competing with this "other" for their partners time/attention/affection, etc.

For more information on trainings with Rebecca Jorgensen, find her at: http://www.DrRebeccaJorgensen.com, and additional resources and training at http://www.TRIEFT.org

For more information on Scott Woolley, PhD, or to book a Healing Affairs workshop near you, contact Scott at http://www.DrScottWoolley.com or http://TRIEFT.org

For more information about EFT and pioneer Dr. Sue Johnson, visit: http://www.iceeft.com or http://www.drsuejohnson.com

For more information about your host Anabelle Bugatti, PhD, LMFT, visit: https://www.lasvegasmarriagecounseling.com or https://www.wehearttherapy.com

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