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EP 27: EFT Talk: Silence and Micro-expressions in Emotionally Focused Therapy featuring Dr. Ting Liu

August 27, 2019

We all have clients that have a variety of ways of expression emotions, even when they don't appear to be emoting outwardly. Silence can become a little but of a shaky area for therapists to understand what do with the silence, how long to allow the silence to continue, and how to delve into it. Similarly, some cultures and people emote much less obviously than others. Understanding micro-expressions, especially as they pertain to diverse cultural expressions for emotions can be extremely helpful for therapists. Dr. Ting Liu specializes in bringing EFT to diverse cultures, the discussions in this video are applicable to being able to pick up on and attune to micro expressions of emotion. Join We Heart Therapy host Anabelle Bugatti, PhD, LMFT and special guest Ting Liu, PhD EFT Trainer/Supervisor and director of the Philadelphia Center for EFT as well as the Asia Center for EFT as we discuss diving into silence and micro-expressions in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

For more information about our special guest or to contact EFT Trainer Ting Liu PhD, click: http://www.philadelphiacenterforeft.org

For more information about EFT and pioneer Dr. Sue Johnson, visit: http://www.iceeft.com or http://www.drsuejohnson.com

For more information about your host Anabelle Bugatti, PhD, LMFT, visit: https://www.lasvegasmarriagecounseling.com or https://www.wehearttherapy.com

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