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EP 59: EFT Talk: Working with Pursuers-Pursuer Softening in EFT - Featuring North Italian EFT Trainer Dr. Giulia Altera

October 3, 2020

As a therapist using the model Emotionally Focused Therapy, we know that one of the steps within this method as part of Stage 2 work, involves helping Pursuers soften. But what does that actually mean? What does pursuer softening look like? What is the main difference between a pursuer and a withdrawer? Join We Heart Therapy host, Dr. Anabelle Bugatti, LMFT (EFT Supervisor & Therapist) and special guest, ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainer Dr. Giulia Altera from the North Italian Center for EFT, as they discuss working with Pursuers and the ins and outs of pursuer softening within the model of couples counseling known as, EFT Emotionally Focused Therapy, pioneered by Sue Johnson.

For more information on training in EFT or to find an EFT therapist in your area, visit: https://www.iceeft.com or https://www.drsuejohnson.com

For more information on special guest EFT Trainer Dr. Giulia Altera and the North Italian community for EFT, visit: https://eft-norditalia.com/ or https://www.eftitaliacommunity.com/

For more information on your host, Dr. Anabelle Bugatti, visit: https://www.dranabellebugatti.com or https://www.WeHeartTherapy.com or https://www.snveft.com

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